Along the Edge of America

I recently re-read Along the Edge of America by Peter Jenkins, who walked across America in the 70’s and wrote a book about that experience. Not too long ago, Peter set out to explore America again but this time in a 57 Chevy. He’s in the process of writing a book about that experience. The new book should be available in 2018.

Below is Amazon’s description of Along the Edge of America. Highly recommended reading.

The best-selling author and walker Peter Jenkins, landlubber par excellence, now takes to the waves and explores, as only he can, a part of America rich in history, mystery, and lore: from the Florida Keys to the Mexican border, by way of the Everglades, the treacherous “jungle woods,” genteel southern homesteads, the Cajun marshlands, and Texas’s coastal cattle country. It’s a riveting encounter with hardy, resourceful, colorful – and occasionally dangerous – characters who have one thing in common: a fierce love for their world of wind and water and sun, a world that Jenkins brings uniquely to life.

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